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Hello and thanks so much for stopping by.
Two great loves of mine is cooking and animals. I have always loved being creative and was always looking for the next exciting project. As a child my mother and grandmother would create the most amazing dinners and desserts and they would spend time with me to show me how they made their amazing cakes and confectionary. I always remember my first bake which was three jam tarts out of the left over pastry my mother had. I was delighted with them, although they were burnt. Finally, it mother was going to let  me alone in the kitchen to make my own cake! My poor father was forced to eat so much of it and more thereafter.
My other constant in my life has been my love for animals. From a child with dogs, rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs, to eventually owning my very first cat as an adult in my own apartment.
For 10 years I owned an animal charity, before social media, it was not easy to heighten awareness of how much animals need our help, our voices, our kindness.

Unfortunately this year I had to say goodbye to SUSU age 12. She was my German Shepherd, my Queen dog, my lifeline. A beautiful dog inside and out, very gentle, and loved climbing mountains, sand dunes and playing with her ball and Frisbee.

To continue helping animals and in SUSU's honour I have decided to create The Pet Bakery for humans and their pets. Treats for any occasion including birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations and also treats to gift a loved one going through tough times.

A proportion of the sales from EVERY item bought from The Pet Bakery will go towards helping many Irish Animal Charities.

This is my tribute to my Queen dog SUSU and for those of you who have loved and lost - Thankyou for reading xx


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