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Butterflys and flowers are beautiful and we all have our favourite colour and style YES?


We have a wide range for you to choose from that will decorate your items to make them even more beautiful and chic. Full details in the product information section).

Colorful butterflies , small and large nylon butterflies,  wire butterfly with delicate gems, clean white paper butterflies, gold high strength, good transparency, 3D butterflys pink, purple, blue, white and black.



    •  Wire, nylon butterflys consist of mesh fabric, gem and wire, mini size but looks cute and adorable, durable for long time to use. Each butterfly decorated with glitter, and embeded with a delicate gem on its center. Come in vibrant colours. 3 sizes, one size measures approx. 2.5 cm/ 1 inch, and the other size is approx. 3 cm/ 1.18 inch. Large are approx 5cm/2 inch by 4cm/1.3/4 inch
    • Clean paper, gold high strength surround butterflys with good transparency and no deformation.

    • White elegant butterflys approx 7cm/2.3/4 inch by 6cm/2/1.2 inch and 11cm/4.1/4 inch by 7cm/2.3/4 inch 

    • 3D butterflys in 3 colour designs – blue, white, and pink approx 5cm/2 inch x 4cm/1.3/4 inch 

  • Minimum order charge of 25.00 if not purchasing a main item.

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