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Terms & Conditions

The Pet Bakery strives at all times to provide the best quality products, using the finest ingredients, and offer the highest standards of customer service.

All products sent through mail order are carefully packaged to ensure they arrive with the customer in optimum condition. In the unlikely event anything arrives and appears to have been damaged in transit, you must notify The Pet Bakery within 24 hours of receipt of the parcel.

Refunds will be granted for an item if it is damaged beyond a reasonable state but photographic evidence will be required, which must be received within seven (7) days of the original delivery – any such images can be mailed hard copy to The Pet Bakery postal address or, preferably, emailed as JPEGs to

At all times, the utmost care is taken to ensure all products are of the highest quality but if you are dissatisfied with your purchase, on reasonable grounds, please contact The Pet Bakery within seven (7) days and  we will process a refund. Again, photographic evidence will be required as above.

The Pet Bakery's embellishments are ONLY sold separately when order a minimum or of  €25.00.  

Please note, refunds such as this can only be provided for products which have been returned to The Pet Bakery. The customer will be responsible for the cost of any such returns and you should obtain proof of postage.

The Pet Bakery will not issue any refunds for lost or damaged items when they have been 'signed for' by someone other than the designated recipient(s) – for example, a receptionist, caretaker, concierge etc. If a customer has provided instructions for a ‘safe’ leaving place and any items are subsequently lost or damaged, The Pet Bakery will not issue any refunds in this instance either.

The Pet Bakery cannot be held responsible for delivery delays which arise as a result of any parcels being incorrectly sorted at the Post Office/courier depot or delays which occur due to inclement weather conditions, such as ice, snow, flooding etc or acts of God.

If an order is for a corporate function, wedding, special occasion or other similar event where the products are being presented to others, we advise customers to get in touch before placing an order as such orders have to be hand-delivered.

Your statutory rights are not affected by any statement contained in this text or elsewhere on this website. By placing an order with The Pet Bakery through this website, or any other medium, you are agreeing to the terms as stated.

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